It’s Tuesday

Hey Tuesday, nice of you to roll around again. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday has previously been my least favourite day of the week. Maybe I’ve written about this before? Oops, my bad if I’m recycling content, but I guess there is only so much original content I can expect to create in my current season of life. Oops, and there I go again, distracting myself from my point. What was I typing about? Ahh yes, my previous deep resentment toward a Tuesday. No doubt this deep resentment stems from my previous life as a teenager, forced to attend long Tuesdays at School, sometimes with double maths, or double history or double science, or double whatever subject I found hard to concentrate on (HINT: there was a lot of them). eeeeek. Tuesday boringly became the bleak day that signified moving on from the glorious weekend days just passed, but did not yet allow the excited thoughts for the weekend that lay ahead – it was still too far away, too many days to get through. What developed in my mind at the thought of Tuesday, was a dreary feeling, always containing a sense of ‘hard’ (and cold). I really resented Tuesdays for existing.

Fast forward a bit, to 2022 where I’m 21 years post-high school (don’t do that maths), have 10-years experience being a part-time working parent and add in my recent forced understanding that life doesn’t always need to move in the fast lane; combine all this and I’ve moved my deep resentment to a tolerable state.

Hear that Tuesday, I now T O L E R A T E you. You’ve still got some work to do too – like, maybe some golden sunshine every now and then (today’s effort was better than the last one) or maybe a sparkling rainbow to show that you’re really trying. I promise I’d see it and feel more aligned with your vibe.

In this season of my life, Tuesdays have begun to afford me time with Little Miss at her gymnastics class (watching a group of toddlers navigate a class is pretty fun, in the same way that herding cats could be fun), followed by coffee in town and sometimes the leisurely pace a toddler allows (I say leisurely, but that may need to be read as frenetic). There is also the fact that every other Tuesday I enjoy the bonus time with the boys during school hours (we have an existing fortnightly appointment with a clinician that is immensely helpful to both boys’ education and as such, I’m the lucky parent that gets to ferry them there and back to school).

Tuesdays also feature an extracurricular activity for both boys and in normal function, myself as well. It’s the time the three of us explore a fitness pursuit away from the home and we each love our chosen activity. Mine is usually a coached running session, and the boys a Taekwondo session. So by the time we’ve gotten to the end of Tuesday, a sense of rejuvenation has occurred across the family unit – we’ve all enjoyed some time away, some fun, some focus and a release.

You’re probably tired reading about just how much our regular Tuesday entails (and I haven’t even touched on the usual daily things that have to happen – getting everyone out the door with clothes on and a packed bag, meal prep for the working days ahead, clothes washing, house tidy, grocery collection etc etc.), I used to wear this busyness as a badge of honour – but these days, I am choosing to see Tuesdays in a better light. In a way that I feel connected to the family and even myself.

A lot of Tuesday is about moving from here and there to everywhere, and yet I have found practicing a little mindfulness means my commitment to stay at peace while the rushing around occurs, works. I am refusing to give rise to the urgency that could be there, that pressure to be at the next time commitment before that time rolls around. What is surprising is the honour I give that commitment…until Wednesday morning (when hump day rolls around and it is crazy stations to get everyone out the door to where they need to be).

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