12 Days of Blogging

In my last post, I was startled by how close to the end of the year decade it was and I started feeling like it could mean good things for me. Big things, even. I’d probably had one too many shots in my gin & tonic for the night (it was an Ironbark Distillery Wattleseed Gin, if you must know) and as I sat, ruminating the night away, I came up with a plan to make me see out the year decade with a bang… 12 Days of Blogging!

The festivous (I don’t care this isn’t a word) season is upon us, and as I am all about the cheer (sort of), I thought I could use the silliness of the season to inspire a little challenge for me, mostly to get me back into writing; and maybe a little so I can legit sit in front of my computer. So, I’ve committed myself to 12 days of blogging, from 1 December – I didn’t want to hijack Christmas too much, and this way, I can feel all-writey and smug with my challenge-achieving personal success. And hopefully have re-formed my writing habit, followed by awesome Christmas treats: Pavlova. Pudding. Prawns.

As I reached for the Gin & Tonic, I was feeling pretty chuffed with my idea, but then realised that maybe the 12 days of blogging challenge is already a thing, and maybe I’m going to get sued for using the phrase. Or, maybe it’s not yet a thing…in that case, back off – its mine!

I’ve clearly researched + planned this through **cough, cough** Better pass me another gin. Oh wait, we’re out? Make it wine then.

See ya on December 1!

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