Bam! Year, no decade is nearly over.

Why hello there, world. I blinked, fell asleep and seemed to suffer from memory loss. I totally, absolutely forgot to write to you for just about the entire year. Sorry about that.

It’s the end of November, just about the end of the year, which also means its the end of the freaking decade. Not sure why that is really relevant, but it seemed important to point out that fact. 2020 always seemed so. far. away. But, here it is, looming so very largely. I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic due to the impending decade, or is it the lapsed decade? I mean, the 2010’s have been pretty great (is chaotic-great a type of great?) in that our family and family home expanded, we learned how to parent, I started a career at a place much closer to home, we did some wonderful travel together, I found myself in running and cemented some pretty lovely friendships. But, we have also had a really tumultuous time of it. We lost our Nanna/Mum/Mum-in-law unexpectedly along with other much-loved family members, we went into lots of debt to extend our home, we’ve had numerous injuries/illnesses and realised we’ve aged 10 years in the decade.

Hopefully it’s no surprise to you that as I sit here, reflecting on just some of these 2010’s happenings, I’m feeling really very grateful and can’t help but wonder what the 2020’s have in store for us. The future-teller in me wants to jump for joy at the many, many family adventures we will no doubt embark on, but also gently reminds me that perhaps life is at different stage for other loved ones, and perhaps I needs to prepare myself for not seeing out the 2020’s with these special ones (my granddad will turn 95 in Feb!).

Either way, I intend to see the 2010’s out with a smile and welcome 2020 with a hug (and probably some champers too).

It’s nice to be back xx

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