2019 – may she run smoothly

The New Year has started. I’ve found a 5 minute window where the kids are doing Grimace proud, playing Star Wars battles with their Santa-gifted light sabers. They’re distracted from their continuous desire to eat or to be close enough to touch me. They’re roaming around relatively unsupervised (they don’t know I can spy on them in the yard from one of the bedrooms – not creepy at all), yelling various Star Wars words at each other – School holidays at their finest.

We spent a leisurely new years period at Manly, beach hopping, ocean swimming and smiling. We doted on the fireworks to celebrate the new year, we spent days with friends watching our little ones play. We spoke about the shit-fight that was 2018 and the sadness that came from the days that passed. We celebrated the good things that came through and reflected on perhaps what we could do differently next time. We were thankful for the friends and family in our life. All in all, the New Years period was pretty great.

After a Christmas period spent wholly with family and the New Year’s time by the beach, my heart is full and ready for 2019. Just to keep me accountable, my goals for 2019 are to write weekly on here (I so miss this space), run 22km in an event that takes place in May and settle into our soon-to-be finished home. All these things are achievable, I just need to allow myself the space to get there.

The oven is beeping at me by now, the children have remembered they are hungry; so it appears my 5 minute window has closed. From our household to yours, Happy New Year. May your 2019 be filled with daily adventures (large or small) that shape you day by day x

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