all my waste-free food dreams have come true

Pinch me, please. I need to see if this is a dream.

You see, me and my better/other half, Grimace, have been on a waste-reducing mission for a few years. We are obssessed with our portable coffee cups; we did cloth nappies for both kids; we have drastically reduced the amount of trash through composting; and amongst other things, we’ve had a change in approach to consumption of goods. We’re really trying to fight the good fight, and it can be tough going particularly with young kids. But, we’re really trying and have become so much more aware of our consumption habits.

Over the last few years, we’ve been fairly aware of the plastic wastage generated in relation to our food purchases, and ways we can combat some of it – taking reusable shopping and produce bags, having stainless steel straws for the kids, but what has really rocked me is the amount of inadvertant plastic a household can consume with too much difficulty – buying some pasta, dried beans, rice, cheese, biscuits – you essentially buy the food and the plastic wrapping. Now, I know that some larger retail stores accept these types of soft plastic for recycling, but then I’m also aware that there are questions raised around how much of that plastic actually gets recycled. So, what is the answer?

Well, this is where my dreams are coming true. Relax, this is entirely a G rated post. If I mention ‘Nude’ it won’t be in relation to Grimace, rather food purchases. Drum roll please:

Last week, in my local neighbourhood, Nom Bulk Foods opened – and this, ladies and gentlemen is where my Nude food obsession is being satisfied. This is the kind of store that actively discourages plastic waste and encourages you to be mindful with your purchases. You know the type: you scoop, weigh and pay – you can take your own jars and containers to transport the goods home, or of course you can use the in-store paper bags for the purchases. This is literally a business idea Grimace and I had, but for twenty seven reasons, we never got around to enacting our plan. Turns out, being lazy can pay off…someone else invented my dream, and I didn’t have to do a single thing. Well, I will be doing one thing…supporting them! And, if you know me, you’ll know I’m ridiculously loyal and this loyalty will probably mean I remortgage my house and spend it all with them, just to make sure they are successful.


Anyway, our quest to reduce our plastic waste just got a whole heap better and I’m one happy member of Theverymoodyhousehold. There are quite a number of these type of stores around the globe, if you’re also feeling fed up by the ridiculous amounts of plastic waste from your food purchases, perhaps check out if there is one close by. And maybe your Nude food dreams can come true too šŸ™‚ xx

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