Slow Lane

My life is well and truly in the slow lane when all I have to write about is the toilet training of Little Mate. But as I sit here brain storming ideas on topics, I keep coming back to my weekend’s focus. And doesn’t it take all the focus!

While my slow lane is slow, Grimace on the other hand seems to have moved into the exciting Autobahn. You see, over the weekend Grimace headed south to check out the MotoGP race at Phillip Island in Victoria. While I’m stoked for him as it meant: 

(Look at how close he was, and to the starting grid too… It’s always been my favourite part of the race)

I felt a twinge of jealousy – not only was he getting three nights of uninterrupted sleep, no responsibility and some down time, it meant the early stages of Little Mate’s toilet training were all on me. I don’t know what I was all that worried about though… Little Mate has come such a long way in that department, and it’s all because I allowed him the time around home to recognise the sensation and learn what to do. 

If Grimace wasn’t away, I’m entirely positive I would have kept us busy with family or social engagements, limiting his experience to figure it out. Instead, because Grimace WAS away, and Friday was a rainy rainy day, I felt undaunted about staying indoors and close to the flushing loo/cleaning products. Staying close to home worked a treat, and the little guy seems to have figured out the basics for keeping his pants dry. 

He has even got to a point where he doesn’t want a nighttime nappy – his refusal to put one on has seen him go three nights and be (mostly) dry in the morning. He’s fairly grumpy in the morning (or during the night of he wakes) and I assume because he has an extremely full bladder. Watching him move around trying to distract himself from the fact is incredibly fun, and I’ve learnt how to gently guide him towards the bathroom to help that association. 

I forever want to remember the look of excitement/recognition/pride he gets when he makes a squeeze into the toilet. In fact, it’s that look he gives me that keeps bringing me back to blogging about his toilet training… His delicious dimple, his bright eyes and bustling little body are a happy reminder about how young he is. The innocence is completely joyous and I’m so completely pleased to be able to experience it, together with him.

If you have an interest in my approach to help Little Mate get the hang of using the toilet, I’d refer you to this site. It was actually my only reading up on toilet training and while I can’t relate to all the points made, it formed the basis for my approach.

Anyway, happy slow lane me is reporting a steady update on the toilet training aspect. Now I just have to overcome the pang of sadness I get at putting away the cloth nappies. Sob. (mostly as it means a butt-load more washing in the meantime as I stripwash then before bagging them up for storage). 

I should put a little disclaimer into this post though: Slow Lane me wasn’t all that quiet over the weekend though…I did manage the local markets, coffee dates and a picnic with some of my dearest girlfriends overlooking these beauties 😊

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