I knew this little blog would have a point

Today was not my best day. And what is the point in hosting a blog if I can’t tell you all about it. You all know the kind of day I’m talking about (Ladies, the once a month type where you know your cycle isn’t at the ‘kind’ part). The sort whereby you’re ready for it to re-start, or in fact completely skip when the first round of toast is on the floor, and it’s only 6:15am. The toast hits the floor because it’s not smeared in the right kind of whatever, and then the tantrum or whining that follows seems to last all day.

Well, that was me today. Just thought I’d embrace it wholly and feel some uncontrollable/all-consuming personal rage, whereby some slamming doors or a slightly-too-high rev before changing gears when driving might convey to any of my three family members how I’m feeling and what they can do to fix their part of the problem. It’s not too much to ask, I mean really. Sigh.


Anyways, we did get a little family outing today – walked about 500m of the Elizabeth’s and Margaret’s Lookout walk (Lovers Walk I believe it is also known). In normal circumstances, we would have gone further however the fact that doing this small little section took us the best part of an hour, well I’m sure you will excuse our decision to call the walk quits. Giggles Magoo experienced a first hand lesson around how bicycle tyres don’t quite work the same way when in sand and Little Mate was quite frankly still upset and squawking about his toast from the morning (it was 5pm by this stage). At least we were surrounded by the beautiful bushland and I somehow reminded myself that tomorrow will be a new day, far from the bickering/shouting/crying/hitting mess that today turned out to be.

And whoever told you I wasn’t an optimist (I may also be at work for a ridiculously long day tomorrow, missing all but the breakfast/wake-up blues).






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