Consistent bloggers are my new heros

Geez, it’s been a while. I’ve missed writing these little posts, and tonight is just about dipping my toe back in to write something. Anything. I am sad to say that my heart (and head) haven’t found much inspiration to bang on the keys.

We recently had a wonderful overseas trip with the boys. We did some awesomely fun stuff, and it certainly was the trip of a lifetime. Because the trip was so memorable, I’ve been pressuring myself to write comedic and witty blog posts about our holiday times, and in doing so, it appears I’ve psyched myself out of writing and haven’t put together any aforementioned comedic and witty posts. In  fact, writing became about achieving – It was suddenly a chore; anything I put together wasn’t nearly good enough.

As if being a parent to two beautifully energetic kidlets wasn’t pressure enough, I’ve gone and set my own creative outlet up for failure. And if there’s anything that I’m good at doing when I’m feeling pressured…it’s avoidance. Well, it could possibly be framed more as procrastination. I’d say I’ve avoided writing my posts as I was procrastinating with other areas of my life.

Anyway, I’ve got just enough here to be confident (read: I’m sleepy) enough to press PUBLISH. Sure, there isn’t too much content, but tonight was more about saying hello and moving back into this space. So, Hello! Space! It’s nice to be acquainted with you once more.

7924d5d2-a483-4622-8dc0-99e30eda605b (1)

Photo: Wendy Noller (edit: Tim Purtell – guessing?!)


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