Holidays are awesome

So, we headed away. Overseas, on holidays, for 5 whole weeks. We left behind the impending Australian Winter, and made our way North for the impending Summer throughout Eastern Canada, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. It was awesome. 

Before going away, I’d made a blogging plan. In my mind, I was going to blog after we’d visited each city and make sure our wonderful trip was documented somewhere, other than the pictures on my phone that I’d hastily show to anyone with a mild enthusiasm for our getaway. In my enthusiasm for planning, I accidentally discounted a few things, that of course would disrupt ANY motivation I had to write whilst away: 

  1. Travelling with kids is hard (fun, but hard)
  2. I’m lazy 
  3. You need internet

So, enter new plan… write about it in hindsight and post some pics of our trip to make you jealous (or plan your own outrageous family holiday). 

Over the coming weeks/ months/ years (in all reality, the latter should be the expectation) I’ll relive our holiday through here, hopefully with a little less of the travel chaos that a family of four inflicts. 

To start things off, here’s a picture of Little Mate, Giggles Magoo and Grimace (im)patiently waiting for one of our gazillion flights. What dudes ❤ 

I can’t wait to share it all with you x 

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