Harder than I had anticipated

The title of this blog post could be my current anthem for life (always said with a smile).

I’m really loving this blog outlet; being able to tell my story. But, I’m finding it really difficult to find space to write the words I want to. Please, if you could be patient with me, my life will open right back up after a certain date in July and I will bring Theverymoodyhousehold back to the fore.

Currently, my work days are filled with chaos and calamity; my home-day’s are filled with connection and chores. My “spare” time is filled with thoughts of calm in an attempt to build a bridge through the turbulence that is work…it just appears to be all consuming, and I’ve been caught out – I didn’t anticipate juggling a brilliant and exciting job with home/family/life being so hard. Just like writing these posts. What a naive thing to have done šŸ˜€

But don’t worry, I’m working on getting all aspects of me balanced so I can find the words.

Happy Friday xx

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