These sick days

On Tuesday when it started raining, a friend at work lamented not being at home under a blanket to watch it fall from the sky. I’m just as content to listen to the drops fall; listen to cars driving past with the water splashing all around.

Well, what do you know – I’ve been laid up in bed (under a blanket) since Thursday with some awful winter lurgy – aches and pains all over, agony to swallow, ears are full of pain and it’s pretty tough to move my head due to the golf ball size of those glands in the neck. Fun times. But, when the rain started again on Friday afternoon, I was very grateful for the opportunity to have nothing to do but listen to those drops fall.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of listening whilst in bed actually. It has been a treat to listen to my two boys giggle and play with Grimace (Friday) and their Gra (Saturday); I’ve rediscovered the magic that a four year old’s imagination presents, and the cheeky nature of a one year old. By not directly being apart of the days happenings, I could just watch, listen and take them in. It struck me how quickly they are both growing, and how I can do more to cherish them in the now.

Little Mate had a taste of freedom yesterday and started practicing his best walking skills – I’m quite sure he would have continued his “sneaky” walking and demanding my helpful hand for a lot longer – without me around, he used the opportunity to practice his best walking skills so that when I was around, he could cheekily show off. I think I’m in trouble now!

I’m going to continue my recovery, snuggled up under my blanket, watching the rain fall and listen to those cars speeding by, churning water out their tyres. 




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