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I’m always listening to music,  especially on the train commute home; and I’m always after new bands/songs. Hit me up with a comment on any suggestions you’ve got.

I’m a spotify subscriber and love the access it gives me… and the creepy ability to change what Grimace is listening to on his car trip home (just by using my phone). My only wish to get spotify as a perfect listening platform…I’m hoping that the back catalogues get a little better one day soon.

This week my tunes have mostly been:

– Bad//Dreems

– The Menzingers

– Off with their heads

– Fucked Up

– The Falcon

OWTH’s are touring oz this month and I’m super unlucky to have scheduled an epic girls weekend away (sounds really unfortunate, right?!) – if you have the chance,  check out their live show… they are one of those super-charged on-stage bands, who just never seem to disappoint.

Now, I’m heading back to rocking out on the train and watching the sunset ✌20160405_172916

3 thoughts on “Music music music

  1. Liebe Moody’s,

    We recently saw a collection of old school punk bands at the Joe Strummer Tribute show in Berlin and I’m certain both you and Grimace old enjoy listening, although I suspect for some you have to be in the right mood. First up was Splitting Image, followed by Swedish punk rockers Topper (my favourite) and ending with The Outcasts from Ireland.

    Enjoy when you listen! I’ll be thinking of you in a couple of weeks when I see the Bennies! 😉
    Say hi to the boys xx

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