Apples – all the time food

So I’m feeling dangerous and I’m not going to apologise for my inability to post here for a while, because, you know…life. It’s been a mostly fun life, but there has definitely been a few rough times.

Last time we were at each other’s acquaintance, i was working full time with the part-time position edging closer. Well, I’ve been part time again for just about 6 weeks and I’ve not found the relief I was anticipating. I think I was hanging all my “rushed” feelings on the work factor, rather than the overall family/social/work commitments. So while work isn’t as much, those days have quickly been filled in with chores, parenting and the occasional fun thing. 

It’s certainly not all gloom and doom…I usually enjoy [some] chores and I certainly love parenting…not so much the frustration felt when no one is listening or cares to listen (We’d all rather read that book), but the games, the imganination and my goodness, the laughter. It is soul nourishing to hear the mischevious giggles emanating from the boys. 

I’ve found some success in combining chores and parenting: having the boys in the kitchen with me when I’m preparing meals or other kitcheny tasks. Its been fun, and overwhelmingly frustrating. But, in recognition of my mum’s efforts at not displaying her frustrated response toward me when I was learning how to “kitchen”, I’m attempting to look for the funny side of the chaos that occurs when there are 3 of us in our small galley-style kitchen. The mess, the incorrect strategy employed by both boys, the shit all over the floor have resulted in a few pass-me-the-gin moments, but they have also resulted in dessert. Giggles Magoo made up his first dessert on Sunday, and I have to tell you, it was ace! 

Quick back story on the dessert…

Giggles Magoo: Mum, are apples all the time food? 

Me: sure are mate – i know you love your apples, do you want one now?

Giggles Magoo – well, can you make apple pie then because if apples are an all the time food, apple pie actually is an all the time food too. 

Cheeky little bugger. We didn’t make apple pie, he made baked apples instead…thanks Cornersmith. A super easy recipe that ny nearly 5 year old made with only a little assistance  (namely reading the recipe and any sharp cutting). 

Speaking of Cornersmith, if you’ve not checked out their cafes/stores or got your hand on their book, you should. I won’t bang on about their awesomeness too much (as it’ll probably ruin a few birthday surprises coming up), but I’ve found their book has helped renew my love of doing things from scratch. In our quest to reduce our causation of unnecessary landfill, I’ve taken to making Cornersmith’s muesli as well as experimenting with jams and pickles. 

There certainly is something so satisfying about making these things at home. I might regale you with our home-made playdoh story next post.

Hello, good bye, talk to you soon xx 

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