The frustration of it all

It can be incredibly frustrating when things don’t work as you anticipate they will. Think technology, social routine or function; nobody wins when shit doesn’t work as it should. I’m sitting here on my (late) train ride home and I can’t get my internet connection to work…it was working this morning, and works EVERY OTHER AFTERNOON, so why not now? I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable reason for this (why else would it be reasonable), more than likely user-error, but, the overall experience is one of frustration. 

I am on the verge of a very long christmas break – a sneaky trip to Melbourne for an extended family pre-christmas party, followed by a couple of days of work, followed by the ultimate: weeks and weeks to spend with my darlings. But, as I sit here thinking about all the things I should be packing for our trip to Melbourne City or all the christmas tasks I need to achieve before the magical day, I am sitting here trying to make technology work. 

Actually, I’ve all but given up on it and thought I’d write about it instead, as I think the frustration of things is a common theme at this time of year… children don’t act like they normally do (thank you to all the social and celebratory commitments the time of year inevitably brings), society seems to be largely stressed and freaking about the inevitable end of the world on 25th December (or is the 26th December?) and then there is the instabilty the weather seems to offer…is it going to about one billion degrees, will it be rainy and stormy, or will it bizarrely drop to a wintery-like coolness (despite the ridiculous humidity). 
All in all, this time of year is C.R.A.Z.Y. Like, batshit crazy. It can be incredibly furstrating the amount of meaning that can be placed on this time of year – at the end of the day, family and friends should be the focus. By definition, family and friends will probably completely understand if you choose to live under a rock for the entire period, only peeping out to see the sun for a moment before retreating into your hovel; your friends/family can (hopefully) probably see the pressure you’ve been under and can see the frustration starting to amass and spill over…so at a guess, I’m going to say that if you aren’t the best company ever, you’re in the clear… 

Well, that was cathartic, wasn’t it!? I guess what I’m trying to say in a round-about kind of way is (thanks to the frustration of technology not working the way it should!!!!), I hope you too have managed to regather some perspective/focus and remember that this time of year is about spending time with those that you love, so don’t let the craziness and frustration of the season sour that. 

If you can, try and re-frame – think about the exctitement that builds to the end of year; the break from the full on moments the day-to-day routine can inflict. I love the anticipation of fun times ahead; the thought of Christmas Pudding (many thanks to my mum and the annual Pudding Day she attends), the idea of seeing my children revel in the love the end of year offers.  

As i sit here typing, i think my tablet has taken offence…the bloody snap-on keyboard has stopped working! I’ve decided this maybe a sign I should just quit typing and get lost in my romantic notions of the end of year (that, and the smith street band). Sleep well x

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