The first one is always the hardest…

The first of anything is ALWAYS the hardest. With that in mind, I’m going to keep this short… Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I love writing. I’m definitely not very good at it (classic example with this sentence structure), but I love the way writing explores so many themes that run through my mind. I love talking too, but I just seem to be able to communicate and explore topics when I write – writing just seems to clarify why I’m thinking the way I am, and bring a little resolve to the most irrelevant topics.

I have been promising myself for well over 6 months that I would set up a blog, mostly so I have a constructive way to fill my train commute home, as let’s be honest, social media can only go so far! I have been writing little broken pieces in my journal since mid-2015 and as this Easter long-weekend has been filled with many good times and chocolate smears, it got me wanting to document the many memories that have been created. Today seems as good as any to randomly set up the random blog.

I won’t give too much away about our little Moody household, as I hope you’ll be back to learn about me (you can call me The Caffeine Queen) and the boys – There’s Grimace (overlord of the house; or better known as Daddy), Giggles Magoo (Mr. Three, soon to be Mr. 4) and Little Mate (Mr. One). Grimace and I love a whole range of things like family, food, wine, coffee, music and random internet facts (you can still learn facts from the internet, right?!?) . The aim is for us to both write random things reflecting our life (or not at all). Pleased to meet you xx

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