36 hours in a day for December, please

I’ve decided that once the calendar ticks over into December, it is only fair for everyone to gain 12 hours per day, giving us 36 hours to achieve everything we need to.  Along with the longer days, our bodies would have a reduced sleep requirement, plus an increased immunity. I’m going to put it out there (and assume 99.999999999% of the population will agree with me) that it is ridiculous how much there is to do at this time of year, and the only way to get anything done, is to be superhuman. So, we may as well enjoy a little longer before the next calendar day ticks over.

Ha. Tell me to keep on dreaming. Actually, don’t – that would imply I need to sleep more, but sleeping reduces the waking hours in my day. And by reducing the waking hours in my day, I wouldn’t be getting shit done. How’s that for another #firstworldproblem! I’m developing quite a nice ability to laugh at myself, so there’s that I suppose.

Anyway, from the bottom of our Very Moody Hearts, we’re wishing you a very wonderful end to the year and plenty of celebrations with smiles, sun/snow and time to switch off. Here’s to 2018!

Thank you for your support and readership across 2017, it has been a rather lovely blog to write. We’re going offline for a few weeks to take heed of our wishes for you



santa 2017

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